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This here is an HMD post for Forte/Bass's journal. Anon's turned on finally so feel free to get out what you want to XD Eventually this will be the new info post to replace the old one, which needed an overhaul badly enough I decided to scrap it entirely.

So yeah. HMD. Look for detailed Forte information in the future. o/

[OOC] Prompt table

01. Defiant 02. Powder 03. Grateful 04. Decent 05. Union
06. Cleansed 07. Go 08. Shame 09. Objective 10. Strength
11. Life 12. Contempt 13. Wrong 14. Sweeten 15. Hands
16. Strangle 17. Lullaby 18. Untouchable 19. Whispered 20. Prayers
21. Obvious 22. Rhythm 23. Afterlife 24. Hidden 25. Parade
26. Touch 27. Free 28. Enjoy 29. Shining 30. Overflow



Fuckin' hell. God I hate this building. I need a damn generator or something.

[There's a faint meow in the background] Yeah, in a minute! Jeez.

Power's out. Was out when I got back today. This better be because of some blackout because otherwise I am going to go into the owner's home and force him to turn it back on.

Fucking pain in my ass.

((OOC: Random! I don't even know guys. I just don't. All replies voice, for obvious reasons.))

[RL with Kaito | Up to no good]

It had been a long time since they had last hung out. Hell, it had been a long time since Bass and Kaito had even spoken, right up until the community dragged this robot back kicking and screaming. And Kaito had wasted absolutely no time in getting things back to where they were, inviting his BFF FOREVAH YO friend out to a movie.

Sure, there was nothing good playing in his world, in Bass's own opinion. And he had better things to do. But it was Kaito, and if experience taught him nothing it was that if Kaito wanted to see him, he would. Better to just get it out of the way.

Besides, even if he wouldn't DARE admit it, to himself much less anyone else, a small part of him was looking forward to this. A very small part, hidden deep away, but a part nonetheless.


[OOC] CR table

Yet another one. Comment to be added, because I know I'll forget people on my own if I tried to get everyone at once. xD

Cut for great justi-... no, that's not right...Collapse )


[OOC] Drabble

X-posted to ddd_prompts so apologies for any f-list spam. XD

Player: roll_soul
Subject: Bass, with a little Megaman (with permission)
Table: C [Prompt Table]
Prompt: 04. Decent

So you're having a bad day...Collapse )


[Accidental video]

[Bass is not having an easy time of it. When the video picks up he seems to have already been pacing his apartment for quite a while. He was dressed in his usual hoodie-and-jeans casual attire, but the shirt seemed almost too hot to bear at times, given an occasional tug at the collar.

At length he stops pacing and groans in irritation, running his hands back through his hair. He sinks into the nearest chair, which happens to be the one in front of the computer, now rubbing his eyes. One fist snaps down and bangs the desk, briefly making the video picture jolt when the computer jumped. It keeps rolling as he glared off elsewhere in the room, looking entirely unsettled.]

Damn fucking stupid piece of...

((All replies video unless otherwise stated))
Goddammit. I hate this stupid community and the stupid viruses. If I didn't know it would hunt me down and drag me back kicking and screaming, I'd leave this fucking place.

Writer's Block: Countdown

If a catastrophe struck and you had to leave your home in a hurry (and never return), what items would you grab in your last ten minutes, and why?

Treble, and that's assuming he couldn't get out under his own power. Allegro can find his own way out.

((OOC: Sorry for minor f-list spam considering he just posted last night. But when I saw the question I had to put something up XD He's totally lying about the cat))
Great. So there's a new virus-- a real virus, not one of the stupid kind the community does --that's only hitting robots. So far they're calling it "Roboenza". Tch, what a stupid name.

So help me, if Wily is involved in this...

((OOC: Response-ish post to this! Strikes hackable.))


Mar. 17th, 2010

There's been a big military presence in the city today. I wonder if they're getting geared up for another stupid parade.

Tch. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the bar beneath the streets.

((OOC: Bass human! in the FF7 world, specifically part of Junon. Despite icons he doesn't have his armor, just to make a sidenote of that xD And anyone familiar with FF7 canon be nice, it's been a long time since I played through Junon. >>; ))

Feb. 19th, 2010

Aerith?? Where are you, I've got something to ask you.


[Video post]

[The video opens on what looks like a derelict, abandoned section of some unknown city. Off in the distance you can see intact buildings and many zooming black dots-- traffic --but here is an empty lot with broken asphalt. It almost looks like someone tried to turn this area into a junkyard but stopped a quarter of the way through, because there's broken bits of metal in various sizes all over the place. The camera is bobbing lightly, and you can faintly hear what sounds like propeller blades whirring-- it's flight-enabled, whatever's filming.

All of a sudden there's a beam of purple light from above, striking the ground a few feet from the camera. At first it looks like a laser but it coalesces into Bass, quickly standing up from a crouch as the fins on his helmet grow backwards into being. The light around him fades and he looks up at the camera grinning.]

So, apparently Issei thinks that game Mega-twerp and I were playing was dangerous. And apparently Issei would like me to prove just how battle-adept I am. [His smirk deepens slightly, almost looking sinister] Well Issei, and anyone else who happens to watch this. Enjoy the show.

Cut for lengthCollapse )

((OOC: Reference. As always, also referenced from actual game moves. And, couldn't resist that ending, meaning this video is forward-dated to a little after midnight because Bass SO would do something like this at 1 in the freakin' morning anyway. Oh! And I think only Bass' "partner" can see the string anyway, so. XD ))
Bass hadn't been having a good time this virus. Sure, it was better than being turned into a bunny or, even worse, human again, but being female was no picnic either.

Especially with Kaito around. And doubly especially with Megaman back.

This was why, for being asleep she still looked rather angry, face pulled into a scowl and everything. Or at least, what you could see of her face for the way she was half-buried in a pillow. Sprawled facedown on her bed in pajamas about half a size too big, Bass seemed to be in a dead sleep, not even noticing when tuxedo cat Allegro decided to make his own bed on her pillow, laying halfway on top of her head.

All in all, she was just ripe for a little payback...

((OOC: Sorry about the fail opening, guys |D; Feel free to go back and forth amongst yourselves for a while if it works out that way, I don't have much to do until Bass wakes up after all XD ))
Because I'm mean and he deserves it Bass is going to be affected by the Opposite Gender virus for the entire period of time of the Grab Bag virus.

As for everybody else... I don't know. I'm going to be kinda busy during that time, but if people are up for another virus or two with somebody else, I'm up for it XD (The "somebody else"s are Giro, Mega.EXE, King Mickey, Odd, and Phineas)


[The video feed shows the streets of Ekoda in the midst of the zombie invasion, with few regular citizens in view. Bass, decked out in his armor, abruptly drops from somewhere above and lands heavily on the street. Standing up from his crouch, cannon charging, he whips it up and fires it through a zombie's head which utterly obliterates it.

As another lurches towards him he backs up a step or two, then flies around in a backwards kick that creates an energy blade and slices the monster. Another charge is ready by the time Bass lands and he whips the arm cannon around, sending a HUGE ball of plasma through a group of them. He smirks, thoroughly enjoying this, readying another blast from his weapon as the camera jars unexpectedly, and cuts out]

((Bass is fighting zombies on Kaito's world; reference. Backdated to before this post.))

[OOC] CR meme

Better late than never, huh? Only including current DDD characters, although dropped ones (like Suika and Zero) may be added later; however, given that it's Bass, I'm including Megaman no matter what. Naturally, comment if you feel you've been forgotten. This is a short list right now so I KNOW I forgot people XD;;

EDIT: I've updated this post with a link to a character essay on Bass I did a short time ago (down at the bottom of it), if you want even MORE insight into his character and relationships.

@ = You've done the impossible and actually captured his heart (or what passes for one). Good for you, but you might wanna count your fingers after talking with him...
@ = You're very close to Bass. He thinks a lot of you, even if he'd never, ever, EVER say it. For some odd reason he actually respects you. Go you!
@ = He tolerates you, and that's about the best you can hope for right now.
@ = You're a punching bag, either verbally or physically. He enjoys making you sweat, or doing what he can to get a reaction out of you. Basically, you're the nerd by the lockers, and Bass is the one stuffing you inside.
@ = You're barely above contempt. Basically he knows you're there, but he just doesn't care about you enough for it to count.
@ = Back away slowly. Bass will kill on sight.

Say your prayers and stomp it out when they bring that chorus inCollapse )
So. It was a virus. I didn't think it was possible for me to hate this community more.

This doesn't change anything. I WILL defeat Megaman someday. But there's no way in fucking hell I'm letting... that man take over. He doesn't understand...!


[RL with Kaito: Don't Blink]

The heat was immense, the sound of the crowd was reaching high levels. Down in the pit two robots were going at it, the final fighters in this underground tournament. Sand sprayed up from the floor with every hit, and every strike got another cheer from the crowd.

Bass skidded back away from a blow, wiping his hand across his mouth and glaring at his armored opponent, who was giving him a smirk. The finals had been going on for two hours now, and while he knew he could fight for several hours more, the fact the guy hadn't fallen yet was starting to wear on his nerves. His armor flashed to shades of red and another cheer went up; those robots who had seen him fight before knew what was coming.

His opponent, however, had no idea. He ran forward with a cry and ran into Bass, bringing him down to the ground with a teeth-shattering slam. The large robot chuckled deeply then stared down at Bass, who was the one smirking now.

There was a sudden explosion that threw the robot back, in pieces, and left Bass free to stand. Letting the Crash Bomb mode fade and return him to normal, he lifted his fists in the air to raucous cheers from the crowd. Somewhere overhead a voice boomed one word, the one he wanted to hear.



Today we finish this!
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